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Every great journey deserves a good beer! So welcome to „The Central European“, your guide to creative breweries and hidden travel destinations in the heart of Europe!

I like to travel, especially within Europe. But I am interested in small places rather than in the big mainstream sights. And I love a good pint of beer, preferably brewed in a small microbrewery – pretty much the thing nowadays called „Craft Beer“.

Therefore, this website combines my interests. At „The Central European“ I want to introduce small breweries and unknown travel destinations to everyone looking for more than tripadvisors offer.

Have a look at this map to see my personal advices for places to visit, breweries to go to and great beers to enjoy! Because there is more to Europe than meets the eye!

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Breweries you should not miss

There is always time for a fine drink! And, well, I am an great fan of small breweries, decent bars and all other places, that are slightly off the road, but offer marvelous quality! And my heart is bound to the vast variety of Craft Beer. So, here it is, my list of some wonderful breweries all over Europe!

Recent posts

My recent discoveries of brilliant beer places are right over here:

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The complete list

Please follow this link to see the complete list, sorted by country: Places to drink

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Hidden places you must see

There is more to Europe than matches the eye! And the most interesting spots are not in every travel guide, but those slightly off the road. Such hidden places you will find right here!

Recent posts

My latest spottings of those special must-see locations are right here:

If you enjoy the magnificent charme of old, grande cemeteries, the Cimitirul Șerban Vodă in Bucharest is just the place Read more
The Soviet past of Latvia is all over at Spilve Airport: Although originally founded in the 1920s, it later became Read more
Only a footwalk outside central Riga lovers of lost places will find the former central cemetery Lielie Kapi. Nowadays rather Read more

The complete list

Please follow this link to see the complete list, sorted by country: Places to see!

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Hi, I am Holger, the guy behind the bar in the picture above.

Born in a village close to Osnabrück in North-Western Germany, I spent a well-sheltered childhood, not thinking about beer and travel yet. Later I moved to Bonn, studied History and German, spent a year abroad in the UK at Oxford University. Inevitable, I was introduced to a most traditional pub-life and found my love for decent ales. Then, having completed my studies, I was offered a job in Riga, Lativa, and my love of Middle-Eastern Europe was born.

Combining both, my desire for a good pint and my joy to travel this wonderful continent, the idea of this website emerged.

Therefore „The Central European“ will bring you to my favourite breweries and beer-bars. But than again I want to show you some special moments of my journies through Europe.

However, this is not my first weblog. I already run two other website, the local bar-guide and the travel advisor – both in German, feel free to have a look!

Yours, Holger

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