100 Watt Brewery (Eindhoven)

It is hart to fall in love with Eindhoven, but so easy to love the local brews of 100 Watt Brewery. Located just a short walk from the Binnenstad some brilliant beers are waiting for you!

Probably Eindhoven is not on your travel list. And I agree: This town is not what you expect in the Netherlands. No beautiful narrow cobblestone streets, no grachten, not much to see at all. Sorry, Eindhoven, this is not ment to be rude, I know it is not your fault! It’s been the war, the industry etc etc. However, if you have to go to Eindhoven, the 100 Watt Brewery will most defenitely sweeten your stay! You will find 100 Watt next to the small river Dommel, housed in an old factory building. The bar and restaurant area was bustingly busy during my visit. The outside seating, shared with various art and craft shops, is nice and trendy, too. The taplist is frequently changing, some eight local brews are always on tap. You will find traditional styles (Blond, Dubbel) as well as fancy craft beer (i.e. Kveik IPA) or experimental new stuff (Rice Ale). Food is available, too, either full menus or just snacks (go for the Frituurgarnituur!). So, if in Eindhoven, don’t get lost in the modern jungle, go to 100 Watt Brewery!

Address: Bleekweg 1, 5611 Eindhoven, Netherlands

Web: cafe100watt.nl