Buzludzha: Communism hits Star Trek

The monument of Buzludzha is astonishing and different from everything you have ever seen. For every trip through Bulgaria, you just must go to the Balkans and see this!

This momument is something no words can really capture: It looks like a starship, for sure Mr Spok must have planned it – but it acutally is a former assembly hall of the Bulgarian Communist Party. Designed in the 70s and opened in 1981, it was hardly ever used though. Located right on top of the Chadschi Dimitar, also called Buzludzha-hill, you can see it from every street crossing the Balkan mountains (well, at least that was my impression). So if you ever visit Bulgaria, my advice is: Rent a car and go to Buzludzha! I took the way from Veliko Tarnovo, an 80k drive, going really uphill for the last miles. You have to walk the last meters – and you should not be too shy of some real climbing. But that is tatally worth it, Buzludzha offers so many photogenic perspectives and a great view of the surrounding Balkans, too. In the past it was possible to enter the monument, but due to descruction it has been closed and is now even protected by security. Still, it is just giant – Mr spock would have been so proud!