Zbir Brewery (Novi Sad)

The beautiful town of Novi Sad in northern Serbia is certainly worth going, not only as it is European Capital of Culture in 2022, but for sure for the brilliant beers of Zbir, too!

You know me: No journey without beer – even if that means to dive deep into the suburbs. And that is what I did in Novi Sad – even though in this beautiful and charming city suburbia is, frankly, not too far out, but rather a simple 15 minutes bus drive away from the old town.

However, if I expected an old brewery, too, I could not have been more wrong: The Pivovar (brewery) Zbir in located right between some living estates and office buildings, housed in a modern glass-architecture. And the beer, too, offers some modern interpretations of well-known styles.

I had a „Wartburg“ Lager and was happy with this hoppy version of a traditional German-style Pilsener. But what strucked me most was the pink (yes, pink!) Sour. Combining the fruity flavour (and colour) of grapefruit and cranberry with a fresh, summerly sourness, this pint fitted nicely to Novi Sads 30-plus-something-Celsius summer.

The premesis of the Zbis brewery are really huge and offer a lot of outdoor seeting. And, obviously, you can watch the brewing to happen right next to you.

So, if you are ever in Novi Sad: Take the bus, have a beer at Zbir!

Address: Futoški 93, Novi Sad

Web: 3bir.rs

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