Dogma Brewery (Belgrade)

Belgrade totally cought me with its lively atmosphere, vibrant bars and cool Craft Beer breweries, such as Dogma Brewing. Slightly at the edge of central Belgrade, you will certainly enjoy this great industrail style taphouse!

Belgrade totally cought me with its vibrant, lively atmosphere. Especially the central quarters of Dorćol are packed with cool bars and cosy cafés. However, not only the very center of city offers a great Craft Beer experience. It is hard to name all of Belgrades local breweries in this blog, but two I would like to intrudice to you: Dogma and Dockers (the later you find my report over here).

So there is Dogma Brewery, believers of great, well-hoped beers. The brewery´s credo says „In hops we believe“ – and so do taste the beers! However, the taproom offers much more than only hoppy Pales Ales, IPAs or NEIPAS, but some decent sours or a german-style Lager, too. Up to twenty changing taps, fancy displayed on modern digital screens, and several cans and bottles are waituing for you to make your choice.

The area itself is again an old indistrial estate, today party brewery and party taphouse, but with plenty of outdoor seating, too. I want on one of Belgrades hot summer days and people completely filled both, the inside and the outside area, some looking for some sunbathing with a chilled pint, others prefering air condition.

As you can derive from that, Dogma Brewing is not a secret spot on Belgrade. It is actually rather of of the big Craft Beer brewers in all over Serbia, covering many bars all over town and delivering its beers to a remarkable number of other European countries. Despite this it keept it hippster, cool atmophere and the Brewpub still gives you the idea of underground drinking.

As mentioned, Dogma Brewing is not in the very center of Belgrade any more, but still central. Anyway, walking here is kind of a hazzle, as often in Serbias capital. So you might want to take the bus to Ada Ciganlija, which is the next door recreation and bathing area, the the public transport here is really good.

So, if you are ever in Belgrade: Dogma Brewery and its taphouse is your place for notable hoppy ales!

Address: Radnička 3 Čukarica, Belgrade


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