Labietis Brewery & Taphouse (Riga)

Every craft beer lover will enjoy this: The Latvian craft beer brewers of „Labietis“ do not only create great beers, but offer you a brilliant taphouse in Riga, too. Check here for details!

Labietis brewery on the edge of central Riga is one of my favourites: A huge range of extraordinary beers, a brilliant taphouse in an old factory building and a couple of other craft beer bars all around Riga and Latvia. Labietis really has it all!

Two friends founded Labietis (kind of „The one to make it better„) in 2013 as one of the first Latvian microbreweries. They were lucky to to be offered an abandoned 19th century factory building, that was just being renovated by investors to create an alternative and creative gastro-place. Labietis went in and became part of a vibrant bar-, food- and club-scene, located in different corners of the old premesis. Soon the whole place became a buzzing nightlife area.

Today the Labietis brewery might already be bigger than the traditional Latvian lager-brewers. Labietis beer is popular all over the country, so two new bars in Riga (in old town and on the central market) and one in Liepaja opened recently. And the brewery itself left the taphouse where it all started and moved to a bigger facility outside of Riga.

You reckon that all of this is already too big for good beer? You could not be more wrong! Labietis stayed all young and wild at heart! This brewery really found the mix of creative, independent brewing and hitting the (local) market, too. From my perspective, Labietis beers are still unbelievable wide in their range of styles – and of an amazing high quality!

At the brewpub on Aristida Briana iela some eight to ten beers are always on tap. My favourite is the Tris Indiani, an classic IPA. But if you like, go for some more experimenting stuff with herbs or med!

To make a long story short: If ever in Riga, you must visit Labietis Alus Darītava (which would translate as Labietis Beer Craftship)! My advice is the original taphouse on Aristida Briana iela, but the salesplace on central market is great, too!

Taphouse address: Aristida Briana iela 9a, 1001 Riga, Latvia

Other addresses: Labietis on Rigas Central Market and Labietis-run craft beer bars „Miezis un Kompanijain Riga and in Liepaja.


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