Pravda (Lviv): A theatre of beer

If you love the wild east, Lviv in Ukraine will surprise you – and so certainly will the local brewery „Pravda“ and its brilliant bar right next to the old town hall!

Lviv in the very west of Ukraine was kind of a surprise to me: A beautiful, charming old city that offers a lot of history, especially of 19th century Habsburgian times. And, of course, you will find some nice beer-places in Lviv, too. My favourite: Pravda!

The brand „Правда“ („the truth“) runs both, a tap house in old town and the brewery itself, located in an abandoned factory building. Certainly the bar is where you go if you ain’t totally into suburbia.

But still, the original premesis of the brewery offer an insight to industrial Lviv, all poshed up and recreated with streat art and graffiti. The area does house a fancy rib-restaurant and some other hip start-ups. In spring, the Lviv Craft Beer festival „Craft and Vinyl“ is taking place here. However, outside festival times public transport is bad, a taxi for sure the better option. An open air bar does exist depending on weather conditions, but not permanently.

So maybe the tap house in old town is rather your choice. It is situated right next to the wonderful town hall of Lviv. Called „Theatre of beer“ („Театр Пива“), you can really enjoy a wide range of local Pravda-brews on tap in this spacy and fancy bar. And you can shop as much bottled beer and merchandise articles as you like.

To sum it up: Let Lviv be a surprise to you, too! And try some nice Pravda-beer in a beer lovers theatre!

Pravda brewery: Staroznesenska 24-26 Lviv

Pravda Beer Theatre: Rynok Square 32, Lviv

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