Schnauzer & Beagle (Vienna)

Schnauzer & Beagle will not disappoint you if looking for a decent nanobrewery in Vienna. Combining Austrian and Australian traditions, every beer and dog lover will enjoy this place!

If you are looking for something new and exciting on craft beer heaven, „Schnauzer & Beagle“ might be the right place for you! Located on the edge of Favoriten and Matzleinsdorf, both discricts of Vienna, this brewpub opened in early 2020 right at the beginning of distopian pandemic times.

The bar is run by an Australian expat, so many beers combine traditions from Austria with hops from Down Under – or just the other way round. Each batch is about some 200 liters only, so Schnauzer & Beagle is a real nano-brewery. The inside decoration is simple, so everything does focus on the beer really. Still there is more than beer only, Schnauzer & Beagle does its own coffee blend and some nice cakes and sweets.

The area around Hasengasse might not be posh, but the new Vienna Central Station is only a short walk away. And, of course, as it is called Schnauzer & Beagle, there is the sweetest of all beagles always around in the brewpub. But more than this Schnauzer & Beagle does support local pet shelters. So to have a beer at this microbrewery is really for the best!

Address: Hasengasse 56, 1100 Vienna, Austria