Wissant and the Cote d’Opale

Looking for your next summer holiday and you are love with France? Then the Cote d’Opale and especially the small village of Wissant might be your place! Located in the very north on the British chanel, you will explore a different, but lovely side of France over here!

Maybe the Cote d’Opale is not your first idea for a summer holiday – but you could not be more wrong! This coastline in the north of France does combine many aspects of a great vacation: Great nature, a lot of history and a decent cuisine. So, read here why Wissant at the Cote d’Opale might be the right place for your next summer holiday!

Wissant is a small town not far from Callais and the sandy beach is rather friendly to children. If you are more into sports and active holidays: Kite-surfing is really big here!

Along the coastline two rocks dominate the landscape, the deux caps. Both of them – people call them the White Nose and the Grey Nose due to the colour of the rocks – are in walkable distance and frame the shore of Wissant from both sides. If you climb up, the caps will offer you a great view on the cliffs of Dover on the British side of the chanel. Along the way cows and sheep enjoy a peaceful seaside life – over here nature reveals all its beauty! However, please be careful if you walk at the foodline of the caps, as tides come rather quickly and the water might encircle you and leave no way out. So better walk on top of the rocks. If you are into history: The past wars are still markable in their greyish concrete defence structure. Beauty or not, the pure size of those ruins is remarkable.

So, why not go for the Cote d’Opale around Wissant for your next summer holiday? If you are looking for a place to stay, the small family-run B&B Villa Boreas is my personal advice. And do not miss to have some mussels at the unique Chez Nicole – the best place for fresh Mousle-frites (well, they serve nothing else). You will love it!

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