Sarajevska (Sarajevo): A most beautiful brewhouse

If you enjoy the charme of Austro-German Brauhaus-culture, the Sarajevska Pivara is a must-see. Covered in dark wood all over, this is certainly one of the most astonishing brewhouses I have ever seen!

The Sarajevska Pivara (Brewhouse of Sarajevo) is a place for real history lovers: Dating back to 1864, this place is definitely one of the most charming brewhouses I have ever seen!

The brewhouse is a two story large, wooden beauty. The Austrian Brauhaus-culture in undeniable. On the outside, you can even find the old (Austro-)German inscription „Aktienbauerei„. On the inside it is all about dark, polished wooden beams and boards. The seeting is uncoutable and the bar itself seems neverending. The decoration is all adopting 19th century style. Some mirrors complement the idea, that this place could not have changed in 150 years.

Of yourse I have to admit, that nowadays Sarajevska is the big industrial brewing corporation of Bosnia. It even used to be one of the biggest breweries in former Yugoslavia. So there is nothing hand-crafted here and the beer as rather mainstream, offering the expectable choice from simple Lager to malty Dark. However, this still is a must-see. Because it is not the beer, it is the place itselfe you have to experience!

The brewhouse is located right next to the brewery itself. Though it is on the wrong side of the river Miljacka, it is still easy to find, as you pass by on your way to Sarajevos furnicular, lifting you up to the former olympic area.

If you want, you can visit the beer- and brewing-museum on the other side of the building, too. I skipped that, as I just did a similar thing on my trip to Lviv.

So if ever in Sarajevo, take your chance to dive back in into 19th century Brauhaus-culture!

Address: Franjevačka 15, 71000 Sarajevo 71000


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